• No more bill-pay complaints; utilize doxo

  • Posted on February 20, 2020
  • Long ago, there only existed one method for paying a bill -- writing a check, stamping an envelope and sending it to the biller via good ole’ United States Postal Service. But times have evolved as has this tedious task … this necessary evil. Online banking opened up the options for bill paying as one simply had to go to his or her computer and poof, that individual bill was rectified. But add multiple bills to the equation and it becomes quite time consuming. After all, the average household pays more than ten bills per month, juggling between those online accounts to do so.

    Seattle-based doxo recognized this antiquated way of bill pay and decided to rectify the situation. They introduced their brand in 2008 with considerable success, including investors such as Sigma Partners and Bezos Expeditions. The company offered an all-in-one online bill pay service; a place that consumers could access for paying multiple bills at once. In its first ten years, doxo has thrived, growing to 45,000 billers and 3 million users. It extends mobile capabilities, several methods of accepted payments and billers across many sectors, such as banking, utilities, telecom and healthcare. No longer are complaints warranted for paying bills as doxo has made it the simplest process possible, and they continue to improve upon the service consistently as well.

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